Addressable Smoke Detector

ZX-SD 8000 AD

ZITEX addressable smoke detector body is designed and manufactured using specialized ABS resistant to heat, voltage fluctuations, shock and vibration. Equipped with an internal insulator is one of the most important advantages of this product, which makes the rest of the system still function properly in the event of a short circuit in the detector installation path. Detector addressing can be done from the control panel as software (Soft Addressing) and also the addressing operation can be done using a manual programmer. Lockable chamber with dust protection filter, two LEDs with visibility ˚360 to show the operating status of the detector (flashing green: normal and fixed red: alarm) are other features of this product.

It has an internal insulator
Software addressing (Soft Addressing) from the panel or using Programmer
Adjustable three-level sensitivity in software from the panel or software
False Alarm Probability Technology (F.A.P)

Addressable Smoke Detector ZX-SD 8000 AD

In terms of software, advanced programming has made it possible for the detector to have these capabilities: three-level sensitivity (low, medium and high) to smoke with the ability to adjust from the panel or through the CONFIGURATION software, the ability to be In the Day / Night scenario, the possibility of activating / deactivating the detector LED in Standby mode, electronic activation / deactivation of the detector, Identification capability to identify the location inside the loop. Sending and receiving data as serial data is done through two wires and voltage supply is done through the loop itself.

دتکتور دودی آدرس پذیر ZX-SD 8000 AD زیتکس

Double elevator contacts and anticipation of enough space behind the detector to allow loop wires and remote indicators to provide a standard and secure connection. Reverse polarity protection is provided in the detector circuit. All metal parts are protected against rust by using chrome plating. The circuits are made of double-layer metallized fiberglass and a layer resistant to moisture, vapors and corrosive materials has been applied on it. The assembly of electronic components on the circuit is done using modern SMT equipment. False Alarm Protection (F.A.P) technology completely controls and eliminates alarms and errors using reflector boxes and processors.

Smoke detection is done by processing photoelectric signals. The detector reacts to white and black smoke caused by the ignition of all materials. Remote connectivity is also provided in addressable detectors. Production and quality control of the product has been done by using the most modern machines and laboratory equipment. Golden guarantee and fast and available hardware and software after-sales service guarantee the final quality of the product. Using the 16-digit series on the back of the product, the authenticity of the product can be inquired through the ZITEX website. In designing and manufacturing ZITEX addressable smoke detectors, the principles and requirements of international standards EN 54-7, 17 and national standards No. 3708 and 3709 have been observed.

دتکتور دودی آدرس پذیر ZX-SD 8000 AD زیتکس

Product Size

دتکتور دودی آدرس پذیر ZX-SD 8000 AD زیتکس

<        5.3 CM        >

دتکتور دودی آدرس پذیر ZX-SD 8000 AD زیتکس

<        10 CM        >

Technical Specifications ZX-SD 8000 AD
Design standard EN 54-7 , EN 54-17
Functional voltage 19-30 V D.C.
Flow in normal mode < 350 μA
Flow in fire alarm mode < 7 mA
Functional temperature -15 °C — +80 °C
Functional humidity (Non-condensing) 5% — 95% RH
Smoke sensitivity (Standard allowable range)
Low 0.15 dB/m
  Med 0.12 dB/m (0.05 — 2 dB/m)
High: 0.09 dB/m
Area covered According to EN 5839
Degree of protection IP 40
Start time < 10 s
Dimensions 100 x 53 mm
Weight 150 g
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