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زیتکس اولین تولید کننده آدرس پذیر

اینفوگرافی زیتکس

Establishing Zitex Company

  • Establishing the designing engineering and R&D
  • Production of conventional fire alarm systems
  • Establishing technical and guarantee services special center
  • Certificate of quality management ISO 9001-2008 from TÜV of Germany and NACI

  • The selected company by the global brand forum (National Iranian competition center,The association of Iranian quality managers, Iranian exploitation association, Iranian association of technology managers)

  • Receiving Global Brand Management certificate from

  • Receiving development management certificate from development and technology management of Netherland Philips Co.

  • Receiving the statue and certificate of quality golden star from ACL institute of England confirmed by UKAS of the England.

  • Receiving the CE standard of the Europe

  • Establishing a center for manufacturing machineries and laboratory equipment for electronics and fire alarm.

  • Successful resume in equipping important government centers, offices, banks and private centers across the country.

  • Superior national manufacturers(according to questionnaireof Harigh journal- Iran alarm). 

  • A member to workgroup of updating national standards of fire alarm in cooperation with other organizations

  • Receiving Certificate from National Iranian Standard organization for ZITEX products.

  • Extending the ISO 9001-2008 quality management certificate from TÜV of Germany and Iranian authority confirmation center NACI.

  •  conventional fire alarm systems, the first brand approved by the Tehran and metropolises Fire Departments.

  • A Member of special committee of approvals by national standard organization for fire alarm systems.

  • Establishing special laboratory for fire alarm equipment comparable with international laboratories.

  • Scientific and technical colleague laboratory of firefighting organization and safety services of Tehran municipality.

  • Exporting products with quality comparable with international brands.

  • Accredited laboratory of Iranian national standard organization.

  • Receiving the CE standard from Dedal Bulgaria (Member of the Nando international organization) according to the EN54 standards.

  • Production of testing spray for smoke detectors for the first time in Iran.

  • Opening Chemistry of fire department
  • Receiving letter of appreciation for compilation of the fire alarm national standard from research center of ministry of road, housing and urbanization.
  • Exporting products with quality comparable with international brands.

  • Accredited laboratory of Iranian national standard organization.

  • Production of the first and only package of addressable fire alarm systems made in Iran in accordance with national and international standards.

  • Certificate of appreciation of Tehran Fire Department.
  • ZITEX addressable fire alarm systems, the first brand approved by the Tehran and metropolises Fire Departments Certificate of appreciation and statue of Tehran Fire Department.

  • ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

  • Obtaining Standard Certificate for “Fire Alarm Modules” in accordance with the national standard NO. 14459-18 for the first time in Iran
  • Obtaining ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Standard Certification from TRB International
  • Obtaining ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Safety and Health Standard Certification from TRB International
  • Obtaining ISO 10004: 2018 Customer Satisfaction Certification from TRB International
  • Extending Standard certificates of ZITEX fire alarm products from Iranian national standard organization
  • Obtaining the Laboratory Accreditation Certificate based on the ISO 17025 standard from the National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI) as the first laboratory of fire alarm systems in Iran to perform tests in accordance with the international standards EN 54

  • Extending CE Marking
  • Obtaining Standard Certificate for “Short-Circuit Isolators” in accordance with the national standard NO. 14459-17
  • The superior production unit selected by the Iran National Standards Organization

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