Addressable Repeater

ZX-R 2000 AD

In some projects, events on the control panel need to be repeated and displayed elsewhere. ZITEX Addressable Duplicator is designed and built to meet this need. Sturdy metal body, professional design and engineering using standard materials and anticipation of physical lock are the appearance features of this product. It is possible to install surface and built-in and wiring glands and corridors, socket terminals and also allocating enough space inside the repeater makes the installation process very easy, fast and standard. False Alarm Protection (F.A.P Technology) technology is also used in this product.

Automatic addressing within a network of 32 panels or repeaters
Data transmission via four wires and in accordance with RS 485 protocol
Integrated power supply / charger (Onboard)
Store 10,000 events in iterative memory
Manage events and commands between panels and networked iterators
False Alarm Probability technology (F.A.P)

Addressable Repeater ZX-R 2000 AD

Networking of control panels and repeaters is done through the RS485 protocol, using four wires to transmit data into a 32-bit loop. All networked panel events or repeaters are repeated and displayed on all network nodes. It is also possible to manage the command between nodes (mute the buzzer, mute the alarm, reset the panels and send the Evacuation command). Repeater memory has the ability to store 10,000 events. The rechargeable power supply / charger is designed to be onboard (integrated) and in the event of a power outage, the backup batteries are responsible for providing power. The power supply is of switching type and prevents damage to the boards due to voltage fluctuations and provides a stable voltage level for the repeater.

تکرار کننده آدرس‌پذیر ZX-R 2000 AD زیتکس

All metal parts are coated with chrome plating to protect against rust. The circuits are made of double-layer metallized fiberglass and a layer resistant to moisture, vapors and corrosive materials is applied on the circuits. In addition, the assembly of electronic components is performed using SMT technology and specialized programming under the ZITEX proprietary protocol provides the desired features. ZITEX addressable repeater is designed and manufactured based on the requirements of International Standard EN 54-2 and National Standard of Iran No. 3707.

The latest laboratory machines and equipment have been used in all stages of design, production and quality control processes. This ZITEX product also has a golden warranty and has fast and available hardware and software after-sales service so that there is no concern for the consumer about the consumption of this product. Also, the 16-digit serial code on the product, which is intended to inquire about the authenticity of the product, has made it possible to investigate this issue through the Zitex electronics industry websi

تکرار کننده آدرس‌پذیر ZX-R 2000 AD زیتکس

Product Size

تکرار کننده آدرس‌پذیر ZX-R 2000 AD زیتکس

<        8.5 CM        >

تکرار کننده آدرس‌پذیر ZX-R 2000 AD زیتکس

<        33.1 CM        >

Technical Specifications ZX-R 2000 AD
System voltage 20-30 V D.C.
current 50 mA
Communication protocol RS 485
Degree of protection IP 30
Dimensions 331 x 222 x 85 mm
Weight without battery 2.5 Kg
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