Addressable Output Module

ZX-MO 3000 AD

Addressable modules or interfaces act as interfaces between the addressable system and other fire alarm or ancillary protection equipment. The output module with output relay is used to excite equipment such as exhaust fan, positive pressure fan, damper and other equipment. This addressable device also has an internal insulator and when a short circuit occurs in the wiring path, by isolating the device itself, it prevents the performance of other components of the system. With the proprietary ZITEX protocol, automatic addressing (Soft Addressing) is provided from the panel, and addressing can also be done manually through the Programmer.

It has an internal insulator

Software addressing (Soft Addressing) from the panel or using Programmer

Output relay to excite external equipment such as exhaust fan, positive pressure fan, damper and other equipment

False Alarm Probability Technology (F.A.P)


Addressable Output Module ZX-MO 3000 AD

The module LED indicates its operating status in three modes: fixed red indicates module activation, normal flashing red indicates normal module status, and fast flashing red indicates module error status. It is possible to enable / disable the device electronically (Disable / Enable) and you can also disable the flashing of the module LED in Standby mode if needed. Specifying the installation location of the module can be done using the Identification feature. Similar to other addressable devices, the module voltage is supplied through the loop in two ways and the data is sent and received as serial data on two wires.

ماژول ورودی / خروجی آدرس پذیر ZX-MI/O 3000 AD زیتکس

The design and construction of the body is done professionally and engineeringly through ABS resistant to heat, shock, vibration and voltage fluctuations. Easy, fast and standard installation is the result of allocating enough space behind the module for the entry of loop wires and output wires, as well as the use of double elevator terminals. Reverse polarity protection and chrome plating of all metal parts to protect against rust are other advantages of this product. The module circuit is made of two-layer metallized fiberglass and by using a layer resistant to moisture, vapors and corrosive materials, it is possible to use the product in the worst climatic conditions.

Design, production and quality control are performed with the latest laboratory machinery and equipment (for example, the use of SMT technology to assemble electronic components on the board). Using specialized programming and software and hardware arrangements, false noise and alarms have been completely removed from ZITEX devices (F.A.P technology). Golden guarantee and fast and available hardware and software after-sales service, tracking code (16-digit serial on the back of the product) to inquire about the authenticity of the product and the Iranian national standard mark are the features that guarantee the excellent quality of the product. The standards used in the design and production of this product are: National Standard of Iran No. 184-1459 and International Standards No. EN 54-17, 18.

ماژول خروجی آدرس پذیر ZX-MO 3000 AD زیتکس

Product Size

ماژول خروجی آدرس پذیر ZX-MO 3000 AD زیتکس

<        4.4 CM        >

ماژول ورودی / خروجی آدرس پذیر ZX-MI/O 3000 AD زیتکس

<        8.6 CM        >

Technical SpecificationsZX-MO 3000 AD
Design standardEN 54-18 , EN 54-17
Functional voltage19-30 V D.C.
Flow in normal mode< 300 μA
Flow in alarm modeRelay, 30V , 1A
Degree of protectionIP 40
Size of base terminal for wire installation8 x 8 mm
Functional temperature-15 °C — +80 °C
Functional humidity(Non-condensing) 5% — 95% RH
Dimensions86 x 86 x 44 mm
Weight140 g
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