Addressable Input Module

ZX-MI 3000 AD

Using the addressable input module ZITEX model ZX-MI 3000 AD, equipment such as gas detector, beam detector, flame detector and other protection equipment can be connected to the addressable fire alarm system and by selecting different options in the menu of this device, Received numerous commands and behaviors from it. This module has an internal insulator (protection of other system components in case of short circuit in the wiring path) and its addressing process can be done in two ways: automatic addressing (Soft Addressing) from the control panel itself and manually through the programmer. Is done. Three-mode function indicator (LED) shows the module operating status in normal, excited and faint modes

It has an internal insulator
Software addressing (Soft Addressing) from the panel or using Programmer
Monitoring input signals (connecting peripherals such as gas detector, beam detector, etc.) and creating multiple commands and behaviors
False Alarm Probability Technology (F.A.P)

Addressable Input Module ZX-MI 3000 AD

The body of the module is made of specialized ABS resistant to heat, shock and vibration and engineering and professional design has been considered in its construction. By allocating enough space in the back of the module, it is easy to place loop wires and input wires from other equipment in the relevant terminals, and experience easy, fast and standard installation by using elevator terminals. All metal parts are coated with chrome plating to have a good service life and to protect against rust. Reverse polarity protection is provided in the module circuit design. The circuit is made of two-layer metallized fiberglass and with a layer resistant to vapors, moisture and corrosive materials, the module can be fully assured of performance in different climatic environments

ماژول ورودی آدرس پذیر ZX-MI 3000 AD زیتکس

ZITEX specialized programming and proprietary protocol provide the following features for the module: Ability to disable / enable the module LED in Standby mode, deactivate / activate the device electronically if necessary, Identification capability to identify the location inside the loop, create Different modes of commanding the panel by the module with selectable behaviors depending on the needs of the scenario. The voltage of this addressable device is also supplied through the loop in a two-way manner and the sending and receiving of data is done as Serial Data on two wires. The unique feature of eliminating false noises and alarms with hardware and software (F.A.P technology) has also been achieved in this product.

Other benefits of this product include a golden warranty and fast and affordable hardware and software after-sales service. The latest laboratory devices and machines have been used to perform design, production and quality control processes; For example, the production of electronic boards is done using the most modern SMT devices. The requirements of Iranian National Standards No. 1445-18 and International Standards EN 54-17, 18 have been observed in the design and production of this product and a national standard license has been obtained for it. By using the 16-digit series on the back of the product, its authenticity can be verified (inquiry from the ZITEX electronics industry website).

ماژول ورودی آدرس پذیر ZX-MI 3000 AD زیتکس

Product Size

ماژول ورودی آدرس پذیر ZX-MI 3000 AD زیتکس

<        4.4 CM        >

ماژول ورودی آدرس پذیر ZX-MI 3000 AD زیتکس

<        8.6 CM        >

Technical Specifications ZX-MI 3000 AD
Design standard EN 54-18 , EN 54-17
Functional voltage 19-30 V D.C.
Flow in normal mode < 300 μA
Flow in alarm mode < 5 mA
Stimulus resistance of fire alarm mode 5/1 KΩ
End of line resistance 10 KΩ
Degree of protection IP 40
Size of base terminal for wire installation 8 x 8 mm
Functional temperature -15 °C — +80 °C
Functional humidity (Non-condensing) 5% — 95% RH
Dimensions 86 x 86 x 44 mm
Weight 140 g
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