Addressable Programmer

ZX-MP 1.0

In some cases, it is necessary for conventional devices to communicate with the addressable system. To meet this need, the ZITEX addressable conventional zone module is used, which acts as a separate and independent conventional zone and can be installed up to 15 conventional devices for this module. This model of modules also has an internal insulator and the protection of the loop in case of a short circuit is done by isolating the device itself. To indicate the operating status of the module, a three-mode LED is provided that shows normal, fault and fire modes with different flashes (Normal mode: Normal flash / Falt status: fast flash and fire alarm status: red Fixed).

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Device addressing
12V rechargeable lithium battery
It has a USB port for software updates
Ability to communicate with all addressable devices

Addressabe Input And Output Module Model ZX-MI/O 3000 AD

Professional engineering design with standard materials and specialized ABS resistant to heat, shock and vibration. Addressing this module can be done manually through the panel (Soft Addressing) or Programmer. The proprietary ZITEX protocol for Device Software is designed to provide the following features: Electronic Deactivation / Activation of the device; Deactivate / activate the device LED in Standby mode; Identification capability to identify the location within the loop and send and receive data on two wires in the form of Serial Data. The voltage of the device is also provided by Loop Power and is supplied in two ways.

ماژول ورودی / خروجی آدرس پذیر ZX-MI/O 3000 AD زیتکس

Quick, easy and standard installation is one of the main concerns of all installers. Allocate enough space for the entry of loop wires and the exit of zone wires, as well as the use of elevator terminals that are covered with chrome plating (to protect against rust) to solve this concern for installers and gain professional experience Brings to them. In the module circuit, reverse polarity protection is provided; Circuit made of two-layer metallized fiberglass and by applying a layer resistant to moisture, vapors and corrosive materials, this product can be used in the most adverse climatic conditions and achieve the best results. Specialized programming and hardware and software engineering measures are performed to control the noise and eliminate false alarms (unique “F.A.P” False Alarm Protection technology).

Quality assurance is ZITEX’s commitment to its customers, and in this regard, a golden guarantee and after-sales service of hardware and software are provided to consumers quickly and easily to ensure complete confidence in the purchased product. Using the most up-to-date machinery and laboratory equipment, multi-stage design, production and quality control work is performed on the product. In this process, the requirements of national and international standards such as the national standard of Iran No. 14459-1 (which is the mark of the national standard of Iran in accordance with this number) and international standards EN 54-17,18 have been considered. To ensure the authenticity of the product, there is a 16-digit serial number on the back of the device that can be tracked through the company’s website.

ماژول ورودی / خروجی آدرس پذیر ZX-MI/O 3000 AD زیتکس

Product Size

ماژول ورودی / خروجی آدرس پذیر ZX-MI/O 3000 AD زیتکس

<        4.4 CM        >

ماژول ورودی / خروجی آدرس پذیر ZX-MI/O 3000 AD زیتکس

<        8.6 CM        >

Technical Specifications ZX-MI/O 3000 AD
Design standard EN 54-18 , EN 54-17
Functional voltage 19-30 V D.C.
Flow in normal mode < 5 mA (with 6.8KΩ EOLR)
Flow in alarm mode < 25 mA
End of line resistance 6.8 KΩ
Degree of protection IP 40
Size of base terminal for wire installation 8 x 8 mm
Functional temperature -15 °C — +80 °C
Functional humidity 5% — 95%
Dimensions 86 x 86 x 44 mm
Weight 140 g
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