Smoke Detector Test Spray

ZX-S 1

Smoke spray should be used for proper and scientific testing of photoelectric smoke detectors. The product of Zitex Chemistry Group, by simulating the smoke from real fire, tests the detector performance in the fastest possible time and gives a completely correct result.

Easy and non-destructive testing
Ability to perform multiple tests with one spray can
No harmful sediments, silicon and greenhouse gases

Smoke Detector Test Spray ZX-S 1

Adherence to international manufacturing and design standards and compliance with environmental pollution requirements, high speed in activating the detector, no soot and other harmful substances, the ability to test a large number of detectors using only one spray can and ensuring the correct operation of the detector. It is from Zitex smoke spray.


The materials used in the spray are environmentally friendly and have the lowest level of global warming potential without producing greenhouse gases and silicon.

The use of Zitex smoke spray creates complete confidence for the user. No need to use unprincipled methods, fast results, the possibility of performing multiple tests and achieving a principled and scientific result are all features that have made fire industry professionals always have a Zitex smoke spray with them.

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