Conventional Manual Call Point

ZI-CP 85

Activation of this type of knob is done by breaking the windshield embedded in the knob. After receiving the appropriate impact in accordance with the requirements of National Standard of Iran No. 6174 and International Standard EN 54-11, the knob operates. The environments in which this type of knob can be used are indoor environments. The test key is designed to perform periodic tests and check the function of the thumb, which makes it possible to ensure the correct operation without the need to break the thumb glass.

Professional design and manufacturing (ABS)
Test Key
Reverse polarity protection
Plug socket terminal
Sufficient spacing for proper wiring
False Alarm Protection Technology (F.A.P)

Conventional Manual Call Point ZI-CP 85

The knob is designed in such a way that there is enough space in the back for proper entry and exit of wires, and therefore wiring will be done in a principled and standard way. Double elevator terminals will also help in this regard. The body is made of specialized heat-resistant ABS, and the knob can withstand shock, vibration and voltage fluctuations well.


The knob is commanded via a microswitch system. Chrome plating of all metal parts will prevent them from rusting over time. By anticipating reverse polarity protection, incorrect connection of zone wires will not damage the knob. The design and construction standard of this fire alarm product is the national standard of Iran No. 6174 and the international standard EN 54-11.

Using the most up-to-date machinery and laboratory equipment, multi-stage production and quality control is performed on manufactured products. Golden guarantee and fast and available hardware and software after-sales service, as well as the presence of a tracking code to inquire about the authenticity of the product are other benefits of this product.

شستی اعلام حریق کانونشنال ZI-CP 85 زیتکس

Product Size

شستی اعلام حریق کانونشنال ZI-CP 85 زیتکس

<        5.1 CM        >

<        8.7 CM        >

Technical Specifications ZI-CP 85
Knob class Unressetable
Design standard EN-54-11 and ISIRI 6174
Voltage range 12-32 V D.C.
Current in normal voltage 24V D.C. 0 A
Current in alarm mode at voltage 24V D.C. 50 mA
Alarm resistance 1K Ω
Operating temperature range -15 °C — +80 °C
Functional humidity range (Non-condensing) 5% — 95% RH
How to connect 4- way terminal block
Degree of protection IP 40
Electrical contact material Metal
Conductor size of the installation terminal 1.5 mm2
Functional environment conditions Indoor use
Maximum contact resistance when closed 5 Ω
accessories Test Key
Installation conditions Flush and wall
Color / Body Material Red / Heat resistant ABS body
Dimensions 87 x 87 x 51 mm
Weight 135 g
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