Conventional Gas Detector

ZI-G 915

Gas leaks in the home or other environments can have catastrophic consequences. The flammability of city gas causes leakage, posing serious risks to life and property. The gas detector is designed to detect gas leaks in the environment. If the amount of gas in the air exceeds the defined limit, the gas leak warning signal either sends a warning signal to the control panel or operates independently.

Professional design and manufacturing (ABS)
Three-modes indicator LEDs
Auto- reset after alarm cancelling (Alone mode)
Alone/ independent mode (without control panel)
Network mode with control panel
Double screw type terminals
Sufficient spacing for proper wiring
12V relay output
False Alarm Protection Technology (F.A.P)

Conventional Gas Detector ZI-G 915

The body of ZITEX gas detector is made of heat-resistant ABS and it is designed in such a way that it has a good resistance to impact and vibration. Double elevator contacts are provided to achieve standard and standard wiring. Electroplating of all metal parts increases the life of these parts and prevents them from corrosion in adverse environments.

دتکتور گاز کانونشنال ZI-G 915 زیتکس

The gas detector has independent operation (without central device) and in network mode (with central device). When the detector is used independently, the ability to reset automatically after the alarm goes off is provided for it. The detector circuit is made of duplex metallized fiberglass and SMT technology is used to assemble electronic components on the circuit. The protective layer on the circuit also prevents corrosive and wet environments from having a negative effect on the detector performance.

Production and quality control of the product is done using the most modern machines and laboratory equipment. Golden guarantee and fast and available after-sales service are other advantages of using ZITEX products. Adherence to standard requirements guarantees quality and provides reassurance to the consumer.

دتکتور گاز کانونشنال ZI-G 915 زیتکس

Product Size

دتکتور گاز کانونشنال ZI-G 915 زیتکس

<        6.1 CM        >

دتکتور گاز کانونشنال ZI-G 915 زیتکس

<        9.8 CM        >

Technical Specifications ZI-G 915
Circuit generation technology SMT
Sensitivity to gases Natural Gas, LPG, CNG
Voltage range 220±10%V AC-50Hz
Power ≤1W
Internal market sound level ≥80dB/m
Gas volume ratio for fire alarm 12% LEL
Operating temperature range -15 °C — +50 °C
Functional humidity range (Non-condensing) 5% — 95% RH
Initial setup time 60 ± 5 Sec
LEDs Visibility 3 LEDs
LED function in startup mode Flashing 3 LEDs
LED function in normal mode Fixed Green
LED function in alarm mode Fixed Red
LED function in internal fault mode Fixed Yellow
Body Material Heat resistant ABS body
Dimensions 98 x 98 x 61 mm
Weight 226 g
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