Conventional Control Panel

ZX-N 10 Pro

10-zone professional control panel is suitable for 1 to 10-storey buildings without the need to add a zone card and with a unique and beautiful design. Capability to network and suitable dimensions for surface and flush mounting are other features of this product. The case material is selected from specialized ABS and thus the panel case has the ability to protect against heat, impact and vibration. In addition to the National Standard of Iran No. 3707, which is the basis for the design and manufacturing requirements of this product, all the requirements of the international standards EN 54-2,4 is also included in this product.
Specialized power supply to reduce consumption and prevent damage due to voltage fluctuations
Double-sided metallized fiberglass circuit with moisture, vapor and corrosion resistant layer
False Alarm Protection Technology (F.A.P)
Separate output for each zone
Ability to network without adding extra network card
Professional panel suitable for 1 to 10-storey buildings

Conventional Control Panel ZX-N 10 Pro

Wiring glands and corridors have provided easy and standard installation. Socket terminals and adequate space allocation are also useful and effective in this regard. Specialized switching power supply has reduced the damage caused by voltage fluctuations to zero. The circuits are made of double-sided fiberglass and the technology of assembling the components on the circuit is SMT.
کنترل پانل کانونشنال ZX-N 10Pro زیتکس
To protect against corrosive and humid environments, a resistant layer has been used on the circuits. Access to False Alarm Protection (F.A.P) technology is made possible by specialized programming and the use of professional processors. Different types of detectors, manual call points, sirens and other sensors and peripheral protection equipment can be managed with this panel.
There is a separate output for each zone, which makes it very easy to do dual protection. To network the two panels together, it is enough to use two wires; Each panel has the ability to control performance from the other panel. Other features of the panel are as follows: performing walk test for zones, isolating zones, auxiliary relays to set up peripheral systems, the possibility of connecting the dialer, light weight and very suitable dimensions, and professional and advanced design.
کنترل پانل کانونشنال ZX-N 10Pro زیتکس

Product Size

کنترل پانل کانونشنال ZX-N 10Pro زیتکس

<        10.4 CM        >

کنترل پانل کانونشنال ZX-N 10Pro زیتکس

<        32.7 CM        >

Technical SpecificationZX-N 10 Pro
Design StandardBS EN 54-2, 54-4 and ISIRI 3707
Technology of circuitsSMT
Number of zones10 Zones
Expandibility with networking20 Zones
Input voltage220 ± 10% V A.C.
Internal power supply30 V D.C.
Required battery2×12 V (4.5Ah)
Min & Max output current1500, 3500 mA
Output voltage24 V D.C.
Maximum number of smoke detectors per zone20 (ZITEX Detectors)
Maximum number of heat detectors per zone20 (ZITEX Detectors)
Maximum number of manual call points per zoneUnlimited
Maximum number of electronic sounder (30 mA) per output10
End of line resistor value6800Ω (5% tolerance, 0.5W)
auxiliary relay contacts (Do not connect to main voltage)1A 30 VDC max Voltage Free
Appropriate cable size for zones and sounder lines1.5 mm2
Main terminal input, Sounder output, AUX output fuse1 A F 20mm
Battery fuse2 A F 20mm
MaterialHeat resistant ABS body
Dimensions327 x 297 x 104 mm
Weight (Without batteries)1.4 kg
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